About Wrttn

Wrttn is a simple notepad with many useful features, the main one being that you can save as much text as you like while taking advantage of the formatting options markup languages such as Textile or Markdown give you.

This means that you can use wrttn to jot down ideas, write an article, an essay, a collection of media (more on this later) or anything your heart desires: both privately (by not sharing the link), or publicly (by sharing the link).

Let’s have a look at the most prominent features of wrttn.

1. Simple

Wrttn is very small, simple, and fast. Get your stuff up in one click. That’s all you need.

2. Clean

Wrttn is very clean: no unnecessary UI elements, and beautiful, readable, default styling. You’re looking at a live demo of wrttn right now!

Oh, and you can add custom css to your pages if you want to customize things a bit.

3. No ads

Your content is precisely that, your content. Wrttn adds no advertisements, branding, or even a link to wrttn to your content. When you share your wrttn, all people will see is your content, beautifully styled, nothing else.

4. Portable

Or shall we say, _ex_portable. Wrttn allows you to grab your content via an API call (by requesting http://wrttn.in/api/#{wrttn id}), which will return clean HTML with no styling, or by embedding your content on any other site with only one line of markup (which you’ll get when you create a wrttn). HTML is valid to, so it won’t ruin your perfect markup.

5. Media-ready

Wrttn takes certain links and turns them into content. What that means that if you link to a YouTube video, wrttn will embed it on your content.

This works not only with YouTube, but also with a plethora of content providers (from Flickr and Amazon to Scribd and Slideshare) thanks to the magic of oEmbed and the geniuses at embed.ly. See the full list of compatible services

Here’s an example of a youtube clip:


That’s it – for now.

Wrttn is still under development, but you can start using it right now. Leave some feedback if you can! Here’s a list of the features currently on the drawing board:

  1. Export to PDF, HTML, or just a simple text file. Maybe even a .doc file.
  2. Email (not the link, but the actual content, formatted and all.
  3. Find, organize, and keep track of your wrttns.
  4. Optimized-for-mobile version of the site.
  5. Public API (currently just for grabbing content, full API in the works)

But wait! Why?

I don’t have a blog. Neither do millions of people. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a way to share their ideas through a clean, well organized, controlled medium. With wrttn, you have the power over your content, and you choose what do do with it.

Use it to do your homework, write a paper, an essay, a story, a poem, a blog post, a review, a roundup, a list of stuff (taking advantage of embedability)… the applications are endless. It’s up to you.

Sweet! Lets go write some content!