Open Hexagon - version 1.2

vee software

A free, open source clone of "Super Hexagon" (by Terry Cavanagh).
Programmed by Vittorio Romeo.


The game may contain flashing light patterns that could trigger a seizure. Play at your own risk.

Links and additional credits

Official page:
Source code page:
Vittorio's blog:

Terry Cavanagh's page:

Special thanks:

to BubblegumBalloon for the announcer sounds

to Dajoh for hosting

to Tomaka17 for creating LuaWrapper

to Ethan Lee for the Unix port

to Jookia for his help with the CMake files

to Giuseppe Vinci, Jordo Matt, Pascal Schuster, Sean Pek for beta-testing


"You are a triangle."
Fast paced, challenging, free to play, open source game.

You control a little triangle, which can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. Your goal is to suvive as long as possible by dodging polygons that move towards the center. Things get more difficult as time passes!

Features a lot of variety and full customization: users can create/modify/share levels, patterns, music, sounds, scripts, and more.

Clone of the game "Super Hexagon" by Terry Cavanagh.
Please check it out and consider buying it if you like Open Hexagon!


Visual C++ Redistributable:


Simply extract the contents of the compressed file in a folder.

Open SSVOpenHexagon.exe or any of the batch files to play.

If you need further assistance post on the official page:

How to play

In the menu, press the Left and Right arrow keys to choose levels.

Press Enter to play.

Keep ESC pressed to quit the game.

In game, press the Left and Right arrow keys to rotate.

Press SHIFT to rotate more slowly.

Avoid the walls! Press R to restart.
Press ESC to go back to the menu.


Customizing Open Hexagon can be very easy or very complex depending on what you're trying to do.
Almost everything is written in simple to edit JSON.

Patterns, however, must be created using LUA (which can also be used for other cool stuff).

Please refer to the files in the documentation folder.

Keep in mind that things will change from version to version. Existing files may not work in the next version of Open Hexagon or may work differently.

If you need further assistance post on the official page:


Version 1.2

Version 1.11

Version 1.1